Alarm Monitoring Service Options

At Monitor New Zealand Limited we offer three levels of service. However they are not set in stone. If you have any specific requirements, let us know and we will try to accommodate them. 

Three core monitoring service packages:

Service Package

Service Description


  • Activations: we will follow your specific instructions if your alarm activates.
  • Opens & closes: we will log every time your alarm is turned on or off, and these logs can be accessed (securely) online.
  • Maintenance: all system and maintenance alarms are followed up as per our in-house standard procedures which can be altered to your specific requirements.


  • Everything included with the Protector package, plus:
  • Once a night check: we will check (once a night, at a time specified by you) that your alarm system has been turned on and we'll contact you if it hasn't.


  • Everything included with the Defender package, plus:
  • Thorough night check: we will keep trying to contact you or your staff until your alarm has been set.
  • Option to choose Open Time or First In Time: if someone unsets your alarm outside specified times we will act according to your choice (eg, contact you or staff for a system password, let you know who entered or send a preferred guard to investigate).


Extra monitoring options:



Text to Set

  • All alarms are actioned by our operator using a phone contact list
  • One text per night sent at a predetermined time if alarm is not set
  • Web service included so client can check

Text & Web

  • All signals text to client 24 /7
  • Includes web service
  • Text can be escalated
  • Text can be acknowledged by text

Email & Web

  • All signals emailed to client 24/7
  • Includes web service
  • No follow up to the email

Business Email & Web

  • All signals emailed to client 24 /7
  • Includes web service
  • Includes single email to remind client to set if not set by specified time.

Panic / One Zone only alarm

  • No other zones or detectors
  • A single Panic alarm must be a single zone
  • Set-up includes housekeeping alarms

Video Protect

  • Frames Direct into Patriot
  • Activation only

Video Elite

  • Frames Direct into Patriot
  • Fully managed

U Tell MNZ

  • Let's negotiate those individual one-off customers that need to fit into a unique box of their own design!

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